Priority Research Area Theme 1:
Improving the prevention and management of vascular conditions

Research Theme Co-Leaders:
Dr. Peter Liu & Dr. Janusz Kaczorowski 

Risk factors for vascular diseases are well known, yet there continues to be a significant gap between best practices in risk factor prevention and detection and actual practice. In particular, clinical practice guidelines and models of patient care are still largely oriented towards disease-specific specialties and practices, failing to recognize the common underlying vascular causes. In addition, many individuals experience multiple conditions and vascular diseases, requiring an integrated approach to both clinical practice guideline development and implementation of health services delivery.

The goal of this research priority area is to bridge the gap between the research evidence and clinical practice as it relates to the prevention and detection of vascular conditions and to ensure that individuals receive the best possible patient-oriented care. We are working towards healthcare advice tailored to the person, rather than advice for each individual disease.