The Canadian Vascular Network

The Canadian Vascular Network is a Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) funded Emerging Network launched by the Government of Canada; part of a national coordinated strategy to evaluating and resolving specific challenges in the area of vascular health. The Network brings together Canada’s best minds in vascular research, including researchers and stakeholders with expertise in basic scientific discovery to health services and population health.

The Canadian Vascular Network aims to improve the health of all Canadians through innovative and effective prevention and detection of vascular conditions, creating synergies and breaking down barriers between disciplines and vascular diseases.

Canada’s approach to vascular disorders has traditionally been focused on addressing individual conditions or diseases. The Canadian Vascular Network represents Canada’s first comprehensive initiative to bring researchers and partners across disciplines together to tackle all vascular diseases together.


The Network’s priority areas include:

  • Integrated research: Building on existing Canadian efforts to develop a suite of integrated, multi-disciplinary research projects aimed at:
  • Identifying early warning signs of vascular diseases such as dementia (Theme 1)
  • Improving how we measure and treat vascular disease (Theme 2)
  • Capacity generation: Developing a new generation of researchers and clinicians focused on integrated approaches to vascular conditions via their involvement in network research and in specialized training programs.
  • Knowledge translation: Leveraging the breadth of network participants, partners and end-users to implement evidence-based practices and policies for integrated approaches to vascular conditions.